The company’s founders met in 2010. It was the seed that developed into an inspiring vision that has now become Eco Regions Indonesia. For John Higson, a holiday to Indonesia became a mission for the sustainable development of the Alas Strait into Southeast Asia’s largest eco-tourism development.

“At a time when some of the most beautiful places in the world are being destroyed by thoughtless developments that damage environments and deprive local people of their land, we believe the time is ripe to set a standard for a new type of development.

A development where the needs and desires of the local people are evenly balanced and integrated with environmental considerations and the needs and desires of visitors and investors.

In this case we believe that size does matter. In order to create a powerful catalyst for sustainable change we need a region that is large enough. A world-leading team of experts make sure that sustainable building and development rules are in place. We also need foreign and domestic government support for seed funding to help and support the locals to take advantage of the benefits this change will bring.

It is the mix and size of the sum of these ingredients that can create a new, powerful and dynamic platform for sustainable development. We now welcome both individuals and companies to become partners in our eco-regions along Alas Strait.”

John Higson, Co-Founder and Executive Director