The Eco Region approach is a game changer for large scale green development. It simultaneously protects the environment, generates regional development, provides a secure home for investors and involves local people. Eco Regions secures and environmentally protects large areas of iconic land in cooperation with the Indonesian Government. The process to be recognised as Special Economic Zones (KEK) will turn each eco-region in a green regional development zone, with its own sustainable regulations, benefits such as reductions in import duties along with government funded infrastructure linking each region to the rest of the country.

The size of the regions is essential for environmental preservation to succeed, house the maximum amount of partners and generate green economies of scale. We seek a mix of large scale international partners, smaller green entrepreneurs, and local people. Tanjung Ringgit EcoRegion™ encompasses 343 ha of developable land and Eight Islands EcoRegion™ 380 ha developable land, hundreds of hectares of mangrove and 19,000 ha protected marine area. Eco Regions only develops around 10% of the land, leaving 90 % for reforestation, agriculture and promoting bio-diversity. We also protect the marine areas surrounding the regions by implementing zoning and regulations.

Cooperation with the local people is not only in the form of employment opportunities. Eco Regions involves local villagers in master planning and creates joint venture businesses with local partners in order to maximise local involvement and the spread of green mentality and prosperity.

To sustainably develop large-scale regions for eco-tourism.

Company founded
In 2010/2011 the first Indonesian company in the group was founded.

32 employees (May 2017)