Hans Glise, Executive Chairman (2017-)

Has had many senior leadership positions in global pharmaceutical companies such as Vice President at Astra Zeneca, Novo Nordisk and UCB Pharmaceutical. Hans holds a Medical Doctor and PhD degree and has an extensive experience as Surgeon.

John Higson, Executive Director and founder (2011-)

One of Sweden’s most awarded social entrepreneurs, with a proven track record of creating innovative empowerment projects in the areas of sustainability, culture, farming, fisheries, property and regional development. John has created a variety of sustainable city and countryside development projects, including starting the Farmers Market movement in Scandinavia and has pioneered the involvement of local people in decision making processes in Sweden.

Marie Eriksson, Executive Director (2014-)

An entrepreneur with over 15 year’s practice in setting up a wide range of businesses and project organisations. Marie has previously been managing director for real estate developments in Stockholm and before that she had a prominent role for six years with regional development for the County of Stockholm.

Torsten Jungner, Director (2018-)

Experienced entreprenueur, venture capitalist and advisor within ten different industries on four continents. Torsten has expertise of sensitive developments around culture and nature areas such as UNESCO World Heritage sites and Euro Disney.