Tanjung Ringgit EcoRegion™ in Southeast Lombok offers untouched natural beauty featuring white sand beaches, dramatic limestone cliffs, warm ocean waters, pristine dive sites and one of the world’s few pink sand beaches, which owes its colour to a sensitive red coral eco-system. The wide bay creates a protected environment for Pink Beach and the other paradise beaches on the north side of the region.

The footprint of the development is very low – only 10% – preserving 90% of the land for eco-tourism activities, forestry and farming. Working in a protected forest area involves the responsibility to regenerate and protect it. Thanks to the cooperation with the local community and the Forestry department, biodiversity is thriving; forests are being regenerated, medicinal plants and fruit trees are being planted, beaches are preserved and corals protected. Most of the organic food production for the eco-region and its visitors is planned to take place in the adjacent 2,600 ha Sekaroh forest.

Total area

  • 343 ha developable land surrounded by a 2,600 ha protected forest.

Tourism facilities

  • Eco-resorts and villas
  • Immune therapy hospitals and health and wellness centres
  • Water sports and nature sports – mountain bike trails, horse riding etc.
Land rights

  • 339 ha IUPJL permit (forestry land)
  • 4 ha HGB certificate (private land)

How to get there

  • 57 km by car from Lombok International Airport
  • 15 minutes by speed boat from Telongelong harbour