If you believe that protecting the environment and cooperation with the local people is an important part of securing your investment over time then you have come to the right place. Our Master Plans and Sustainability Regulations guarantee responsible developments with minimum impact on the environment. They also give you a certainty of what is going to happen in your vicinity as the regions grow.

When you join forces with us, you become part of Asia’s most ambitious sustainable development and gain access to a vast network of other like-minded people and organisations. Over the coming 12-15 years, the Alas Strait will transform from being a forgotten jewel of Indonesia to a world leading green destination. Due to the area’s proximity to Bali, the Indonesian Government is concentrating a large part of its infrastructure funding on the region, connecting this little known, untouched paradise with roads, ports and airports. World class surf breaks, untouched coral fields, white sand beaches (plus a pink one) and Mount Rinjani, rising 3,726 meter over the sea level, provide an astounding backdrop to both regions.

The scale of the development, which embraces over 1,000 ha of land and 20,000 ha of water, and the low footprint, guarantee you and your guests continued access to preserved forests and pristine water teeming with biodiversity.

We welcome both developers and individuals. Development and investment opportunities:

  • Prime beachfront and sea-view land for resort and hotel developments
  • Plots for private villas for those who prefer to design and build the own dream house
  • Pre-designed villas
  • Marinas and transportation facilities
  • Watersport businesses
  • Health and wellness facilities
  • Retirement communities
  • Restaurants and shops
  • Green goods and services

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