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Eco Regions Indonesia creates large scale EcoRegions that preserves the environment, fast tracks economic growth and distributes wealth to local people using eco- and medical tourism as economic motors. Our vision is to develop regions that will become a blue print for future sustainable developments around the world..

Asia’s new green destination
The concept combines world class accommodation, leisure, wellness, state of the art medical treatments and facilities with unique opportunities for visitors to experience the regions preserved nature and culture

Eco Regions Indonesia’s concept is currently being rolled out in Lombok and Sumbawa along the Alas Straits. The Tanjung Ringgit EcoRegion (Lombok) with development rights for a core property of 343 ha and the connected 2,640 ha Sekaroh Forest, along with the 20 000 ha Eight Islands EcoRegion (Sumbawa) offers a very significant investment potential for organisations and individuals that share Eco Regions Indonesia’s sustainability vision.

Setting a new global standard for large-scale sustainable development
Our core strength lies in identifying potential regions and developing its full potential. The concept encompasses the entire development process from planning, design and construction to introduction of green technologies and set up of organic food production with the local community. It sets an entirely new standard for secure sustainable development and investments.

By adhering to the highest sustainable standards and creating regulations and guidelines, the natural resources and beauty of the regions can be maintained long into the future. There are a myriad of opportunities available individually or in joint venture with Eco Regions Indonesia and/or the local people. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your own creativity.