The Indonesian government has designated Lombok, Bali’s easterly neighbour, as one of the country’s top 10 priority destinations. The area is already popular among local and international tourists; in particular Sengiggi, on Lombok’s west coast, Kuta, in the south, as well as the Gili Islands, off Lombok’s northwest coast. Eco Regions is turning the spotlight to the nearby Alas Strait, one of Indonesia’s forgotten jewels, characterised by untouched beaches, deserted islands and diverse cultures.

On the two sides of the Alas Strait are our eco-regions: Tanjung Ringgit EcoRegion™ in Southeast Lombok and the Eight Islands EcoRegion™ in Northwest Sumbawa. With their pristine coral reefs and protected forest areas, these eco-regions are the ideal location for sustainable developments and investments. Over the coming years, the Alas Strait will become one of Southeast Asia’ top green destinations, offering the region’s largest concentration of world-class eco-resorts, sustainable buildings, green technologies and eco-friendly products.

The Indonesian Government has already invested heavily in infrastructure. The new international airport is just 57 km from Tanjung Ringgit, with a new road network linking it to the coast. A new airport is being planned just 10 km from the Eight Islands and speed boats make the variety of destinations along the Strait easily accessible. A variety of world-class surf breaks are just 20 minutes by speed boat from Tanjung Ringgit; Moyo Island, famous for Lady Diana’s visits in the early 90’s, is a day-trip away from the Eight Islands, and along the strait are also the famous Pink Beach at Tanjung Ringgit, with its mesmerizing pink sand, and Mount Rinjani, Indonesia’s second highest volcano at 3,726 m.