Climate change may seem like an impossible challenge. At Eco Regions, this challenge defines our mission: creating a new blueprint for sustainable development. In a part of the world where Nature’s resources are being depleted by developments that do not respect the environment and where poverty is a dire reality, we have set out to create a multiple win model that benefits local people, governments and our development partners whilst protecting the environment.

The plan is to create a sustainable and secure platform that attracts the best partners within their area of expertise. Tanjung Ringgit EcoRegion™ will have eco-tourism and medical tourism, with a state-of the-art immune therapy clinic as its economic motors. Health, wellness and retirement tourism will flourish around it. The Eight Islands EcoRegion™ combines eco-tourism with biopharma production of active substances from marine biodiversity for personalised medicinal treatment.

The two regions will become Southeast Asia’s largest concentration of world-class eco-resorts, sustainable buildings, green technologies and eco-friendly products. When fully developed, these two regions alone will accommodate 5,000 tourist beds and welcome over 2 million visitors per year. An eco-production industry will grow providing green goods and services around this ample development.

The four economic engines – eco-tourism, medical tourism, biopharma and eco-production industry – share their reliance upon stable governance and a preserved environment protected over time. To achieve this objective, an application for Special Economic Zone status is being processed, in cooperation with NTB Province, East Lombok Regency, West Sumbawa Regency and UNRAM. This will provide legal certainties and investment benefits for the successful establishment and development of all involved businesses and partners.

We are inviting the world to come to the Alas Strait and develop together with us. At the same time, we are working closely with the local community to ensure this green prosperity will be accessible to all, through the creation of joint venture businesses and job opportunities. The training for local entrepreneurs has already started; over the coming years, we expect to start up a number of joint venture companies that will be partly owned by the local community and partly by Eco Regions. At the same time, we will be training thousands of people from the villages to ensure our partners can source most personnel locally.