The Eight Islands EcoRegion™ is an untouched archipelago in Northwest Sumbawa, encompassing eight pristine islands sitting on a forest of coral, surrounded by crystal clear water perfect for water sports such as diving, snorkelling, kayaking and stand-up paddling.

The islands vary in size from 1 to 500 ha with different characters; some are ideal for development, others for conservation or day-trip destinations.

The region has the potential to provide a wealth of fruit, vegetables and seafood. Eco Regions are working with the local government, community, permaculture, farming and fishing experts to determine the best sustainable agricultural and fisheries strategy.

Total area
380 ha developable land and +500 ha pristine mangrove areas in a 19,000 ha preserved marine area.

Tourism facilities

  • Eco-resorts and villas
  • The world’s first Earthship Resort™ Island.
  • Biopharma production
  • Water sports
Land rights

  • 206 ha IUPJL permits (forestry land)
  • 176 ha HGB certificate (private land)

How to get there

  • 2 hour by ferry from Labuhan Kayangan in northeast Lombok.
  • 1 hour by speed boat from Telongelong in mid-ast Lombok.
  • 10 km from the new planned airport in northwest Sumbawa